#MeToo and the complexity of sexual consent

Three women, Three cultures,  discussing the complexity of sexual consent,  through the lens of mutual learning and Warm Data.

This topic is often treated as a binary of either “yes or no”… but there is much more that goes into the interaction between people.
Context matters, and more. Nora, Mai, and Fanny will open discussion around the many contexts that inform these important relational communications, and the rapidly changing landscape that the #metoo era is bringing. One hour of conversation between the three women, and one hour of questions and discussion with all participants.

Meet Maimunah Mosli, a Muslim systemic family therapist visiting from Singapore, Fanny Marell a non-religious Swedish systemic family therapist, and Nora Bateson,  President of the International Bateson Institute in Stockholm, and she is a Californian who holds three passports, filmmaker, author and educator in Systems and Complexity Theory, (creator of Warm Data).


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Torsdag 26 April 
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