Did the world just change into something completely incomprehensible?
… and savour the fact that you are chosen to be on our guest list for Panic Relief.

What is Panic Relief?

Panic Relief is a flash, pop-up, ad hoc, very informal, possibly secret, social mingle, talk, club thingy where we discuss the future.
It’s so informal we don’t even book the venue beforehand. We just show up.
At Panic Relief events we investigate What’s actually going on and most importantly How it works and What opportunities there is.

Where is Panic Relief?

Panic Relief events are usually at bars.
Always in city areas where we detect signs of a self organizing creative zone within the next decade.

Who’s on the guest list?

People with insights about things we want to investigate. People with future research skills.
People who organize creative zones.
People in a state of future panic.

And that’s why we want you to join us


NAV Sickla Industriväg 6C, plan 6
Fredag 15 Juni kl 15:00-18:00
AW snacks and beverage


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