Creative Morning – ”Learning cities”

24 augusti, 2016

Välkommen till höstens andra Creative Morning på temat:
”Learning cities” – Educational futures, Digital cultures and Social changes.

Our guest speaker Keri Facer is Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol.
She will talk about:

Contemporary trends and issues and where these might take us in the future

How we need an education system that allows us to see possibility in the present – and the risks of a future-oriented approach

Cities as learning organisms, and what this might mean for education

Keri is particularly interested in the relationship between formal and informal sites of education and how they might all contribute to building the capacity to create a flourishing society in the context of significant technological, environmental and economic change.

She is currently researching ‘how cities learn’ and the relationship between universities and their communities, as well as continuing to explore the implications of changing technologies for how societies produce knowledge, circulate knowledge and trust.

Fri Entré och frukost men obligatorisk anmälan.

När: 29 Sept 8:30-9:30 Frukostmingel från 7:45
Var: NAVscen, Dieselverkstaden, plan 3, Marcusplatsen 17 Sickla

Creative Mornings är en gränsöverskridande pop-up-mötesplats som samlar människor från olika branscher och sektorer kring angelägna samhällsfrågor. En verksamhet under NAV Sweden

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